Business innovation ques | Management homework help

 Answer the following questions about the systems of innovation:

 1. Describe the key differences between National/Regional systems of Innovation and Triple Helix

 2. Describe how Quadruple and Quintuple Helix add on the Triple Helix framework 

you have to answer these 2 ques 1200 words

i will give reassures for writing this assessments  

 Carayannis, E, G, Grigoroudis, E, Campbell, D, F, J, Meissner, D & Stamati, D 2018, ‘The ecosystem as helix: an exploratory theory‐building study of regional co‐operative entrepreneurial ecosystems as Quadruple/Quintuple Helix Innovation Models’, R & D Management, vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 148–162. https://cdu-edu- 

 Carayannis, E, G, Barth, T, D & Campbell, D, F, J 2012. ‘The Quintuple Helix innovation model: global warming as a challenge and driver for innovation’, Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1–12. 


 Cooke, P, Uranga, M, G & Etxebarria, G 1997, ‘Regional innovation systems: Institutional and organisational dimensions’, Research Policy, vol. 26, pp. 475-491.  

 Ranga, M, Etzkowitz, H 2013, ‘Triple Helix Systems: An Analytical Framework for Innovation Policy and Practice in the Knowledge Society’, Industry & higher education, vol. 27, no. 4, pp.237-262. 


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Can someone help me | Psychology homework help

Respond to the following in 200 to 300 words:

  • What have you learned about yourself during this course? In responding to this question, consider these 3 specific concepts covered in the course:
    •  self-serving bias
    • persuasion
    • group dynamics.
  • How might the information in this course help you personally and professionally? Provide specific examples.



I uploaded the 3 chapters on these topics. Please use them 

and the reference/ citatation for all 3 chapters is Myers, D. G. (2012). Exploring social psychology (6th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

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Yellow wallpaper | English homework help


Identify your primary text. Explain what interests you about the text.

What is your potential topic? What are your initial ideas about this text? What do you think you want to argue about this text?

Identify the theoretical lens(es) and theorist(s) you might want to engage within . Explain why the theorist(s) will help you analyze your primary text.

What connections do you see between the theorist(s) and the primary text? What specific ideas from the theorist(s) might you use? Why might those ideas be useful for your analysis of the primary text?

Try to articulate why it’s important to use your theoretical lens(es) to analyze your primary text (this is an attempt to get at a “so what”). 

How might your theoretical lens(es) reveal something about the primary text that we might not have noticed before?

Example: If you’re applying Butler’s idea about gender performativity to a novel, it’s not enough to say the novel supports Butler’s idea. Go further. How might Butler’s idea help us understand why a character acts in a certain way? Or how might the novel challenge or add to Butler’s idea?

 one theoretical lens (feminism, gender studies/queer theory, postcolonial theory, and/or critical race theory) through which to analyze that text. 

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Blogs | English homework help

 -Blog 1: Using the lessons from you’ve learned on rhetoric, rhetorical choices, and concision, you will write your first blog. Remember that this is not a normal assignment grade, but is 15% of your grade for Project 2. Link to text:  Blog 2: – instructions the same as for Blog 1 Blog 3 – 400 words  link to the text : Instructions: Part 1: Read and annotate Read the first text in your chosen text set, which can be found in this module. You will use the same text set for all three blogs.  Part 2: Post After you read the article, and once you feel that you understand the article, your job is to craft a  response to the article. Your response should do three things:  First, briefly summarize the main points of the text (in about 2-3 sentences) . Use what you learned about summary to help you. For example, don’t forget to include the title of the article and the author’s name right away.   Blog 4 – 500 words This blog is different than the previous blogs because it requires a new skill (synthesis).  Step 1: Compare and contrast your three texts:   The three texts (from the previous blogs): • Blog 1: Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers • Blog 2:“Failure is Not an Option” by Allison D. Carr (76-81 in Bad Ideas about Writing (Links to an external site.)
) • Blog 3: Sir Ken Robinson: “Do Schools Kill Creativity? (Links to an external site.)
”   You should begin by comparing and contrasting the first two texts’ messages and rhetorical strategies. Are these texts communicating similar or different messages? Are these two texts using similar or different strategies to reach their intended audiences? Think about this carefully. Then, explain how the third text fits into your evaluation of the first two.  

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Elder abuse | Psychology homework help

Elder abuse and neglect. The issues of elder abuse and neglect are so important that it is worthwhile to expand upon the information presented by the textbook authors. You can do so by reading an extensive publication prepared by the American Psychological Association (APA) entitled “Elder Abuse and Neglect: In Search of Solutions.” Among the many facts the APA provides are that most incidents of elder abuse occur at home, even older adults with no risk factors can be abused or neglected, that family stress often triggers elder abuse, and that dependency is a contributing factor in elder abuse. The APA also offers observable signals of the various types of elder abuse. In your post, discuss what can be done to prevent elder abuse, mechanisms for more systematic detection of cases of elder abuse, and the biopsychosocial factors underlying elder abuse and neglect. 

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Module 9: use of force

 Q1 :Discuss the standard or test that the Supreme Court created to evaluate the constitutionality of uses of force in correctional institutions. That requires discussing  the Supreme Court’s decisions in the cases Albers v. Whitley and Hudson v. McMillian. How would a court apply those two decisions and the standards it has set for use of force in corrections to Davis’s lawsuit? You do not have to argue both sides of the issue. Assume you are representing the government who is defending the inmate’s lawsuit. 

Q2 Does it matter if the scenario described in Question 1 happened to a prisoner who was a pretrial detainee? Minimum 1 and ½ page, double-spaced. Be sure you listen to the Commentary! 

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ABI- Do not indent the abstract paragraph.  This will be the only paragraph in this paper that will not be indented.  

KW- In APA 7th the  word “Keywords” will be italicized but the actual keywords will NOT be italicized and must be written in sentence case with the exception of proper nouns.  Keywords: odontology, forensic dentistry, crime scene investigation ; Indent the keywords line like a paragraph  

CT-  Make sure that you spell out contractions such as: couldn’t, wouldn’t, won’t, don’t etc. These should be written as: could not, would not, will not, do not etc. 

SHF-At least level I subheadings should be included throughout and formatted centered, all words capitalized and bold (level 1).  If you use additional subheadings, make sure that they are also formatted correctly.

SC- Titles of reference section entries need to be in “sentence case”. This means only the first word, proper nouns like names, and any word after a “colon” in a title will be capitalized. Example title would be written:   Brown, J. (2010). Working for alternatives to the death penalty (Sentence case) NOT Brown, J. (2010). Working For Alternatives To The Death Penalty (Title Case). Can you see the differences here?  Look at the title – one starts every word with a capital letter – the other does not – as if you are writing a sentence (this is what you want).  This is called sentence case. Consult this article:

RD-Do not include retrieval dates in the reference list (no, Retrieved July 19th from…).  This is no longer an APA requirement – only in rare cases ( see page 290 of APA 7th manual)  

DOI- Although you were not marked down, be sure to provide the DOI for articles found online if available. Include a DOI for all works that have a DOI, regardless of whether you used the online version or the print version. The DOI looks like a  URL with the DOI # 

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What is the technocratic paradigm?

The technocratic paradigm was formalized by the government’s school reform in 1958: the
The Constitution (a course on the rights
Psychology (the science of the human soul), Logic (the science of human thinking),
Logic (the science of human thinking) were removed from the curriculum. In their place in the curriculum
appeared technical and service work in the manifestation of and elementary
military training. Secondary school was officially declared
“although its primary function was the formation of cultural people. An echo of this reform
is an echo of that reform.
The reform is echoed in today’s school curricula, where “work practice” has become a
This is an echo of the “work practice” in the curricula of today’s schools, and is now a common labor obligation to clean school buildings and grounds.
Despite all its flaws, the technocratic paradigm and
ensures a high level of student knowledge. It was during the years
In spite of its flaws, the technocratic paradigm has provided our country with a high level of knowledge among our students.
Unlike the previous ones, this paradigm is based not on knowledge or culture, but on a psychological orientation: behaviorism.
Behaviorism is a psychological theory of behavior,
Behaviourism is a psychological theory of behaviour that views behaviour as a person’s response to the environment: STIMULus-Reaction.
Behaviorists describe the inner world and its state less, and more about external stimuli.
Associated with this theory is the rationalist model of school. The model views term paper writing service and school as a way of assimilating knowledge to
in order to shape children’s behavior, school is an educational mechanism for adapting to the environment.
Proponents of this model like to define the school as
factory for which the raw material and the result of processing are the students. They are the finished product for life.
The guiding principle of education is the regulation of the external
conditions of the process and the response to it by students developing and acquiring a behavioral repertoire (i.e., a set of
ways of behavior).
The goal of the school is to form in students an adaptive “behavioral repertoire” consistent with social norms, requirements, and expectations of Western culture. Moreover,
The term ‘behavior’ encompasses all of the reactions inherent in a person-his thoughts, feelings, and actions.
This paradigm views school as a way of learning to shape the learner’s optimal behavior. The main motto is: “School is a factory for which students are ‘raw materials.

What is the meaning of learning in life?
On what is based the upbringing and education of the individual
Why is the scientific function of pedagogy a prescriptive and regulatory one?
Why the student must obey the teacher
Why does television havea damaging effect on the intellect

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Answer to marianna derrico robles health policy


Influence health care through advocacy.

by Marianna Derrico Robles 

The practice of health incidence in nursing has been defined as a process of promoting the independence and autonomy of users as well as health services, it is also characterized by providing information on decision making in the area of health and offering support to the decisions that are made for the defense of patients, this being an important responsibility of nursing (Heck et al., 2022).

Therefore, we can define the defenders who watch over the rights and interests of patients and guarantee the safety of those who cannot defend themselves. It is important the self-determination of patients, as nurses we have to act and help as a resource between patients and the health system, as influence the heath care through the process to translate hospital policies and clinical information into understandable language.

Nevertheless, nurses are approachable and familiarize themselves with the policy, politics and advocacy in the health care settings, being able to acquire and complement knowledge on professional practice in different work environments such as the educational field, in hospital practice, private and public health care settings.

It should be noted that the responsibility of the defense of nurses when it comes to offering direct care through the hospital and domestic care organizations, the role of nurses as patient advocates is not well understood. However, advocacy extends to the broader social system, nurses’ advocacy responsibility for providing direct care. It is important to establish the relationship between the patient and the nurse, and understand their interests, values and what they want and need from healthcare professionals. Moreover, our advocacy should focus on the following key pillars: improving the patient’s health, helping thought the process during access to information, ensuring the quality and integrity of health information, and advancing the transformation of health care (Riplinger, L. 2022).

As well as there is an ethical imperative to do so, driven by the defense role of the nurse and rooted in the value base of nursing. In addition, the role of patient advocacy is important as the core of the nursing role, for this two things are required of nurses: first, we must expand the conceptualization of patient advocacy beyond the patient as an individual to the system, and second, see systemic change as an important and key factor in influencing human health (Scott, S.M., & Scott, P. A. 2021).

Today it is questioned whether nurses apply advocacy in different levels of nursing practice. Today, the nurses are engaged more than ever before, thought the lived experience provides during the global pandemic. Nurses are promoting health, advocating for patients, and advancing the science of care. Overall, nurses have high rates of exposure to infectious diseases and have been facing a global shortage of staff, studies of the disease, studies about effective treatment, and institutions have implemented unconventional practices. The most important Nurses being especially susceptible to burnout and can be be psychologically and physically affected. Instead, nurses are facing the pandemic, alongside advocacy for more support.

Heck, L. O., Carrara, B. S., Mendes, I. A. C., & Arena Ventura, C. A. (2022). Nursing and advocacy in health: An integrative review. Nursing Ethics, 09697330211062981.

Riplinger, L. (2022). Transforming health and healthcare through advocacy. Journal of AHIMA, 2.

Scott, S. M., & Scott, P. A. (2021). Nursing, advocacy and public policy. Nursing Ethics, 28(5), 723–733.

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